Paper bags and paper sacks are environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic bags. They are particularly popular with businesses and shops that want to reduce plastic waste.
We are committed to environmental responsibility, which is why our paper bags and paper sacks are made from FSC-certified paper. The FSC certificate guarantees that the material comes from sustainably managed forests, making our choice environmentally friendly and responsible.
We are proud that the new Dehobe look of our paper bags has been awarded the Design from Finland label for packaging design. It is a recognition of Finnish expertise and high quality in the design of our products. Our paper bags and sacks are not only practical, but also visually beautiful, bringing Finnish elegance to every pizza occasion.

The pizza bag is one of the most well-known uses of paper bags. It offers a convenient way to transport pizza or other food safely and warmly.
The brown paper bag is a classic option that is suitable for many different occasions. It gives a natural and ecological look.
A paper bag with a logo is an effective way to brand your company name or logo. Many companies use this opportunity to promote themselves and create a recognisable look. This can be useful for marketing purposes or as a promoter for special events.
In summary, paper bags and paper sacks are environmentally friendly options with many uses. They offer companies the opportunity to brand themselves and create a recognisable image.